Enhancements in T-REX V7.2

z/OS 2.2 Support

  • Full support for IBM’s z/OS 2.2 operating system and earlier
  • Full support for Extended Generation Data Groups

T-REX Batch Enhancements

  • ANALYZE BCS identifies VSAM Cluster Sphere records with unique volume references nearing the execution time limit of 59.
  • INTEGRITYCHECK OBJ(CS) FOCUS(VOL) supports new keyword BYAPSSIAM to flag unexpected BCS record Type-C returned for non-VSAM data set entries found on DASD volumes with an informational message rather than as an error.
  • INTEGRITYCHECK command executes in SIMULATE mode with the AUTOFIX capability.
  • MODIFY command allows GDG Base modifications for PURGE, NOPURGE, LIFO, and FIFO.

ISPF Panel Enhancements

  • Option 4.1 Catalog View provides logic to “Define” User Catalog Aliases for selected catalogs.
  • Option 6.3 VTOC Record View provides the capability to “scratch” Data Set Control Blocks from the VTOC.

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